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Structures for Installations EGPROYECT

Alquiler y Venta
Estructuras para instalaciones EGPROYECT

Structures for Installations

In the current industrial sector, the “Support for Installations” is essential, in such a way that access to the installer is facilitated and assembly can be carried out in phases.

These structures support all types of conduits, electrical trays, data cables or even attached gangways for maintenance.

At EGPROYECT we calculate, design and assemble all these types of structures.

Easy Access

We design the support to always facilitate the access to it.

By Phases

Realization by phases of the support for facilities.

Calculation, Design and Assembly

We take care of everything…

Estructuras para instalaciones egproyect
Estructuras para instalaciones egproyect
Estructuras para instalaciones egproyect

Structures for installations