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Diseño, construcción,
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Agro-alimentary Industry EGPROYECT

Naves, Estructuras específicas, Deshidratadoras, Atomizadores
Atomizador Industria agroalimentaria egproyect

Agro-alimentary Industry

From EGPROYECT we cover the needs that this type of sector demands and we give solution to all the processes related to the food chain. We include within this industry the phases of transport, reception, storage, processing, preservation, and service of food for human and animal consumption.

Warehouses For Storage

Warehouses for all types of agri-food storage:
– Reception areas.
– Raw materials warehouses.
– Preparation warehouses.
– Expedition areas etc.

Specific Structures

We make specific structures tailored to customer needs:
Structures for rails in meat industries
Installation racks and walkways.


Dehydration is a process that consists of harvesting the green vegetable, its mechanical conditioning and drying by forced ventilation.
We carry out the necessary structures and sub-structures for the installation of the plants (walkways, racks, stairs, etc.).

Naves industria agroalimentaria egproyect
Estructuras especificas industria agroalimentaria egproyect
Deshidratadoras industria agroalimentaria egproyect


Desde EGPROYECT implementamos la innovación y mejoramos las instalaciones en un sector como este, clave para el desarrollo de un país.